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Bana Josipa Jelačića 19, 21204 Dugopolje +385 (0)21 689 210

S + B Systemtechnik d.o.o. was founded in Split in 2013 by S + B Systemtechnik GmbH & Co.KG with headquarters in Germany

Development and design


in the field of electronics, electrical engineering and mechanics

E learning & Pult products

Together with its primary activity of development, design and production, S + B Systemtechnik is engaged in programming of the E-learning module for i


S+B Systemtechnik


S+B Systemtechnik
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The mission of the company is to develop and manufacture top quality high tech components for educative and automotive purposes for the European market with the aim of creating an original brand..


The company's vision European is to become the leading manufacturer of technological innovations in the area, to satisfy the needs and develop a positive perspective in consumer mindset, and continue with professional co-operation with partners.

Developing your complete devices or individual subsystems. 

Depending on your needs and desires, S + B Systemtechnik offers the services of developing your complete devices or individual subsystems. 
The development team currently consists of 4 engineers with different orientations and areas of action that can respond to all your challenges.
S+B Systemtechnik

S+B Systemtechnik

Programming of learning modules

With the development and design of electronic tiles, our company also works on the programming of the "E - learning" module used for automotive purposes.

Efficiency increase

With the help of the "E - learning" module, it is possible to learn and monitor exercises for „Pult” products, and simulate real processes in the car through a web browser.

E learning

Production of the "Pult" products 

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The production of the "Pult" products is the main part of the manufacturing process of the company. These products are used for educational purposes in schools, along with handbook with tasks and the ability to use E-learning.

„Pult" products are developed and created by a team of top engineers, which offer an excellent ultimate result.


  • Excellent quality, service and product design. Extremely kind personnel with professional approach increase our satisfaction and fulfills our needs year after year.
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